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Cabin Type

Single Cabin

Connecting Cabin

Premier cabin (cctv) 

Premier Plus Cabin (cctv) 

Luxury Cabin (cctv) 


Single Cabin can fit up to 2 cat

Connecting Cabin can fit up to 4 cat

*Every next 4 cat, the price will be reset back to normal.


Premier Cabin can fit up to 2 - 4 cat

Premier Plus Cabin can fit up to 2-6 cat

Luxury Cabin can fit up to 2-8 cat

All Rooms have open playground system, Each owner pet have their own Individual Play time! we are not open share to every cat!!

What We Provide?


30 Unit Cabin Ready

12 Unit Cabin Ready

2 Unit Cabin Ready

20 Unit Cabin Ready

12 Unit Cabin Ready

All cabin size are veterinary compliance

Total cabin 76 unit ready with maximum capacity of 170 cats for full house

***Emergency Cage service

2ft x 2ft x 2ft

20 Cage Ready size 

Pet Taxi Services

Pickup and return rate start from RM 18 and above depending on distances. Provide us your address for us to check!

Available only on weekdays. Pickup time from 9:30 a.m. - 11.00 a.m.

Hotel Environment


Boarding Requirements

Meow Hero Family is pleased to welcome cats that are 12 weeks or older, and who have the necessary up-to-date vaccines and parasite control. The safety and well-being of your kitty is our number ONE priority.  As part of our effort to keep everyone's cats and ourselves safe from sneezes, wheezes and contagious diseases during their stay. We are requiring proof of current vaccinations an understood and signed boarding agreement.

Owners must provide evidence (including product name and date of application/treatment) that their cat has been given all of the following:

Fleas & Ticks
We ask that you be sure your kitty is flea-free upon arrival to Meow Hero Family. As part of the check-in process, all cats are examined for external parasites or infections.  We need to see this treatment administered at our hotel, by us, in almost all cases. This helps us to maintain a healthy environment for all our cats. If fleas or evidence of fleas, ticks or ear-mites is found during check-in or while your cat is a guest, they will be treated accordingly, at your expense.


If your cat found with ringworm, we strictly unable to accept them during check-ins as its highly contagious skin disease that may affects our feline guests well-being.

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