MHF Cat Groomers Academy

Introduction of our grooming course programme.

A CAT GROOMING Accredited Certification short course for you to sign up! Don't miss out your chance to learn step by step cat grooming either you are beginner, intermediate or at professional level! Suitable for all pet lover, pet shop & pet groomer, veterinary and university programme! A theory of understanding and a practical course to beautify your cat! We are certified and accredited professional instructor and trainer for cat grooming. We have two type of class you can choose. Click HERE to check our schedule course.

Open Group course can be check at our course schedule. All details for location, fees are stated in the page or poster. Its an open group whereby you will meet and greet together with other people with different background. You will learn theory and practical in group for this session. Stay focus and don't let your guard down. Don't worry if you left behind! We will assist until you understand. A set of notes provided and also a souvenir gift provided by our sponsor and brand ambassador!

Either you are in person or in your private group, you can ask us for schedule, what course's you want to enroll. Suitable for weekdays program. Rates for course are differ so please check with us. This class are good for specialized request, Knowledge sharing. A set of notes provided and also a souvenir gift provided by our sponsor and brand ambassador!

Our Instructor: Mr Akid Tharmizi

Experience grooming teacher/instructor that have a vast knowledge on beautify the cats, and cat boarding centre. He have enrolled with National Cat Groomer Institute of America (NCGI) intensive 5 months program for Master Groomer and Creative Groomer certification. He also an accredited professional instructor from Malaysia Animal Academy (MAA) endorsed by Malaysia Animal Association (MAA) and also a dog groomer stylist too! He also won many cat beauty competition with winning streaks on year 2022 with achievement 8 Times Best Grooming title across Malaysia, 27th times 1st Best and Best Category for Cat from Fun cat show and International cat show. He also founder of Meow Hero Family Grooming and Hotel that been selected as Best Grooming service provider for Selangor and KL year 2022 and 2023 with almost 400 5 Star Google review